Cesarin Mateo

Photography has truly opened a new world for me and gifted a completely new perspective of life. A bigger life where I now pay closer attention to detail, appreciating fleeting moments even more, becoming a progressive thinker, and certainly viewing everyday situations in a different light. 

And when it comes to life, what's a better crash course than NYC? This vibrant city with people from all backgrounds and a rainbow of diversity will surely teach you some of the most important and valuable things life has to offer. NYC has become my playground and that in itself has been my biggest influence when it comes to honing my skills. You build the capacity to create things that people cannot help but notice; you are forced to create your own style and aesthetic; and ultimately be unique in your own way. 

I strive to be great at what I do and I am able to carve myself creatively because of the positive energy I receive not only from my peers but from those who continuously admire and appreciate my work. So far it has been a great journey and because of it I have managed to find what I am truly passionate about - creating content, connecting with likeminded individuals and building relationships.

I am forever living to discover, and while at it learning and growing as a whole. Follow me as I offer you a front row seat to my world and keep hoping to inspire you as you see it through my eyes.